• Water Capacity: 8 LITRS
• Width: 28cm (11.02 inch)
• Height: 15.5cm (6.102 inch)
• Material: Plastics
• Color: White
• Special Feature: UV Resistant



The Wick Irrigation Base Pot is a specialized plant container designed to facilitate wick irrigation, a passive watering system. Here is a description of its main features:

Design: The base pot typically consists of a sturdy plastic or ceramic container with a wide base and a narrower top. It is designed to hold soil or growing medium and accommodate the plant’s root system.

Wick System: The unique feature of the base pot is the inclusion of a wick system. A wick, usually made of cotton or synthetic materials, extends from the bottom of the pot into a reservoir of water placed below it. The wick acts as a capillary, drawing water upward through the soil to provide moisture to the plant roots.

Reservoir: The base pot is typically used in conjunction with a separate water reservoir, which can be a tray or larger container placed below the pot. The reservoir holds water, and the wick extends into it to draw up water as needed by the plant.

Water Regulation: The wick irrigation system relies on the principles of capillary action. As the plant’s roots absorb water from the wick, more water is drawn up from the reservoir to maintain a consistent moisture level in the soil. This helps prevent overwatering or underwatering, as the plant can take up water at its own pace.

Plant Health Benefits: Wick irrigation promotes healthier root development by providing a steady supply of water to the plants. It also reduces the risk of waterlogged soil, which can lead to root rot and other moisture-related issues. The system is particularly useful for plants that prefer consistent moisture levels, such as certain houseplants or vegetables.

Maintenance and Flexibility: The base pot and wick system require minimal maintenance. The reservoir needs to be refilled periodically, depending on the water consumption of the plant. The wick can be adjusted or replaced if necessary. The base pot can be used with various types of plants and can be easily moved or placed in different locations as needed.

Overall, the Wick Irrigation Base Pot offers an efficient and convenient way to provide plants with consistent moisture levels, promoting healthy growth and reducing the risk of watering-related issues.


12 INCH, 14 INCH


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