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Yellow Sticky Trap

Yellow Trap The yellow sticky trap is both sly and effective, offering no chance of escape for any insect that dare tread upon its surface. This humble yet impressive guardian of the garden stands as a testament to the ingenuity of human innovation, harnessing nature's allure to safeguard the vitality of our green spaces.



Verticillium Verticillium is the sinister whisperer of the plant kingdom, a stealthy and relentless assailant that infiltrates the very lifeblood of its victims. With a methodical and insidious approach, the Verticillium fungi invade the vascular systems of plants, choking off their vital circulatory pathways. As the fungi spread, they initiate a slow and inexorable withering of once-vibrant foliage, as if they hold dominion over the very essence of life itself. What was once a thriving and lush garden or a bountiful crop becomes a battleground for survival, where the plant's resilience is pitted against the cunning and tenacity of these fungal foes. In the shadowy depths of the soil, Verticillium wilt wages a quiet war, reminding us of the fragility and resilience of the botanical world, a silent battle where perseverance and science must unite to protect the beauty and bounty of our green Earth."


Self Watering Pots

Self Watering Pots Self-watering pots are an excellent choice for plant enthusiasts who desire lush, thriving greenery without the hassle of constant maintenance. Their ability to provide consistent hydration, promote healthy growth, and reduce water waste makes them a practical and eco-conscious option for both seasoned gardeners and those just beginning their horticultural journey. These pots are a testament to the marriage of convenience and sustainability in the world of gardening. Material : Plastic Colour    : Black, Blue, Green Special Feature  : Drainage Hole, Lightweight Style       : Modern Shape     : Rectangular