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• Water saving upto 85%
• Easy maintenance
• More vegetables in Lesser Area
• Passive hydroponics


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ick irrigation, also known as capillary irrigation or passive irrigation, is a method of watering plants that uses capillary action to deliver water directly to the plant roots. It is a simple and low-cost irrigation technique that is particularly useful for small-scale gardening or potted plants.

In wick irrigation, a wick made of a porous material, such as cotton or nylon, is used to draw water from a reservoir or water source and deliver it to the plant’s root zone. One end of the wick is placed in the water source, while the other end is inserted into the soil near the plant’s root system. The water moves up the wick through capillary action, gradually moistening the surrounding soil and providing moisture to the plant roots.

The key advantage of wick irrigation is its simplicity and low maintenance. There is no need for complex irrigation systems or power sources, as the water is drawn naturally through the wick. It is an efficient method for providing a constant supply of water to plants, ensuring that they receive the necessary moisture without the risk of overwatering or underwatering.

Overall, wick irrigation is a simple and cost-effective method for providing water to plants. It can be a practical solution for home gardens, indoor plants, or small-scale agricultural projects where a low-maintenance and low-cost irrigation system is desired.

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12 INCH, 14 INCH


• Width : 14 inch(35.56cm)
• Height 11.5 inch (29.5cm)
• Material : virgin plastics
• Colour : black
• Special Feature : UV Resistant
• Width 12 inch/30.48cm
• Height 25.5cm/10.04 inch
• Material : virgin plastics
• Colour : black
• Special Feature : UV Resistant