12 inch – Wick Packages


• Water saving up to 85%
• Time saver for busy farmers
• Easy maintenance
• More vegetables in Lesser Area
• Passive hydroponics


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Wick irrigation, also known as capillary irrigation or passive irrigation, is a method of watering plants using a wick system. It is a simple and low-tech irrigation technique that can be used in various settings, including gardens, potted plants, and even certain agricultural applications.

In wick irrigation, a wick acts as a conduit to transport water from a reservoir to the root zone of the plants. The wick is typically made of a porous material such as cotton, nylon, or capillary matting. One end of the wick is placed in direct contact with the water source, while the other end is buried in the soil near the plant’s roots.

As the soil dries out, capillary action allows the water to move up the wick and into the root zone, providing moisture to the plants. This process continues until the soil reaches a certain level of saturation or the water source is depleted. The wicking action is driven by the natural tendency of water to move through narrow spaces in response to the capillary forces.

Wick irrigation is a passive system, meaning it does not require any pumps or electricity to operate. It is a relatively low-cost and easy-to-implement technique, especially for small-scale applications. However, it is generally more suitable for plants with low to moderate water requirements, as it may not provide sufficient water for high-demand crops or large-scale agricultural operations.

One of the main advantages of wick irrigation is its ability to provide a consistent water supply to plants, avoiding overwatering or underwatering. It can also be useful in situations where access to water or infrastructure is limited, such as in remote areas or during emergencies. Additionally, wick irrigation can help conserve water by reducing evaporation and runoff compared to other irrigation methods.

However, wick irrigation has some limitations. It may not be suitable for plants that prefer drier conditions or those with deep root systems that require water at lower soil depths. The rate of water delivery in wick irrigation is relatively slow, so it may not be efficient for crops with high water demand or in areas with hot and arid climates.

Overall, wick irrigation is a simple and effective method for providing water to plants in certain situations. It can be a viable option for small-scale gardening, indoor plants, or as a supplemental irrigation technique.


Wick Packages Includes:

• Wick & Top Pot
• Potting Mix
• Sapling
• Enriched Vermicompost(400gm/pot)
• PVC Stand
• Fish Amino
• Pseudomonas
• Bio Neem Oil
• Yellow Card
• Potting mix (10 litres/ POT)


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• Width: 12 inch/30.48cm
• Height: 25.5cm/10.04 inch
• Material: plastics
• Colour: Black
• Special Feature: UV Resistant
• Water Capacity: 8 LITRS
• Width: 28cm (11.02 inch)
• Height: 15.5cm (6.102 inch)
• Material: plastics
• Colour: White
• Special Feature: UV Resistant


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